Seminar ALMEX-XYLEM 01.12.2015 Plovdiv

On the 1st of December 2015 In Plovdiv was held a presentation of innovations in the product portfolio of the world's leader in water technologies - Xylem, organized by the company ALMEX - official distributor for Bulgaria of the brands Flygt, Wedeco, Sanitaire, Godwin and Leopold owned by the Swedish company "Xylem Water Solutions". At the beginning of the event Grigor Yordanov, the Manager of ALMEX, welcomed the participants and outlined the program and speakers.

Kalle Pakarinen, regional manager "Water treatment technology" for Eastern Europe and Eurasia in "Xylem Water Solutions" Sweden, presented the possibilities for treatment of drinking water with ozone. Within the presentation were presented the characteristics of the series ozone generators Wedeco GSO, SMOevo, PDOevo, applicable in the water, the food industry and the purification of waste water industry. "The design of a Wedeco ozone installation includes the following elements: a module for preparation of gas, ozone generator, cooling system, induction system, PLC and SCADA, metering device, ozone destructor," said he.

The next module was dedicated to technology for UV water disinfection brand Wedeco. Applications of these systems were presented in the treatment of drinking water, wastewater and stormwater. "Among the advantages of the systems for UV disinfection Wedeco are highly reliable, with sensors monitor UV dose and automatic wiper system technology OptiDose for real control of dose and long lamp life of over 14 thousand hours. This is possible thanks to the improved technology EcoRay. "Wedeco Systems are used in treatment plants for drinking water and wastewater, industrial and irrigation systems, aquariums and fish farms, swimming pools and more." said Mr. Magnus Syoder, the manager of Xylem pump technology.

Accent in the next lecture were the technologies for wastewater treatment Sanitaire and mixers Flygt, including various types of submersible, compact, vertical, medium and slow speed mixers and jet mixers and hydro Ejectors of Xylem. Speakers acquainted the guests with the systems of biological treatment and SBR reactors ICEAS of Sanitaire, with products in the field of aeration and mixing, as well as reference sites of the company in Bulgaria, including treatment plants for waste water in Varna, Sozopol, Sliven, Smolyan, Rakovsky and others.

"The range Sanitaire systmes cover diffused aeration and biological treatment of wastewater treatment plants for domestic and industrial wastewater. Systems for fine-bubble diffused aeration ensure more efficient transfer of oxygen. Membrane diffusers are characterized by improved uniformity, operating over 12 years in domestic and over five years in industrial applications. Gold Series diffusers with modular design ensure the highest standard aeration efficiency ", explained the speakers. The speakers drew attention to the benefits and the technology for biological treatment ICEAS, which ensure easy maintenance, high aeration, reliable process, and reduced costs for installation and operation.

The seminar continued with a presentation of jet aerators Flygt, which offer a number of advantages: non-clogging N-pump easy maintenance, simple and quick installation as well as a solid stand, reducing vibration.

Guests of the forum had the opportunity to learn more about solutions for transferring by pumping sewage Flygt. The range includes submersible pumps, mixers and mechanical aeration equipment that is used in the treatment of drinking and waste water, industrial processes, mining, construction, as well as irrigation. Pumps series were presented with the revolutionary semi-open self-cleaning impeller N3000, pumps wrapped with single or multichannel impeller C3000, pumps with cutting functions for liquids containing dry or fibrous materials, F3000, Flygt propeller pumps for high flow rates and low head series 7000 and others.

The workshop ended with the presentation of Leopold filtration equipment and opportunities for water treatment by gravity filtration. "Leopold technologies are used in sewage treatment plants for drinking water, tertiary treatment of waste water pre-treatment at desalination plants, etc.", Emphasized by Xylem.

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