4715 Hydro ejector

4715 Hydro ejector


Rated motor power range of 4.7 – 5.5 kW

Thrust range of 580 - 690 N

Solids removal

Mixing and flushing




Flygt hydro ejectors perform two different operations depending on the level of the water. First, when submerged the hydro ejector acts as a mixer by utilizing primary and secondary water flow.

Secondly, when the water level is low and the nozzle is no longer submerged, the hydro ejector automatically turns into a flushing device.

Water entering retention basins often contain settling solids, resulting in unpleasant odors and toxic gases. At the same time, the build-up of organic matter often necessitates manual cleaning. By installing a Flygt hydro ejector the solids can be easily removed while the retention basin is being emptied, and the need for manual cleaning is eradicated.

Flygt high-thrust hydro ejectors are designed to be used in almost any size or shape retention basin, lagoon, or low-liquid-level system.



Clogging is always a potential problem with the presence of solids in stored water. Flygt hydro ejectors are therefore equipped with self-cleaning, sustained-efficiency N-hydraulics, and have a large nozzle diameter to eliminate any clogging.

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