Chopper pumps

Chopper pumps

Self-cleaning and sustained high efficiency

Flygt F-pumps handle capacities of up to 200 l/s (3200 gpm), with motors from 1.7 to 47 kW (2 to 65 hp) and pumping heads of up to 81m (260 ft). These energy-efficient chopper pumps are specifically designed for heavy-duty applications and run continuously with sustained hydraulic efficiency in wastewater applications, sludge pumping, and agricultural applications.

Empowered with Flygt N-technology and other unique features                               

Flygt F-pumps feature patented Flygt N-technology, which is renowned for its self-cleaning capabilities and sustained high efficiency. All components work together without sacrificing the pump's overall hydraulic performance. Pumping efficiency remains consistently high without sacrificing its superior clog resistance.

The F-pump cuts through all types of tough and difficult solids, making it virtually clog-free. Flygt F-pumps demonstrate unmatched reliability in installations worldwide. These chopper pumps perform like no other, handling whatever goes down the drain–from plastic bottles, fibrous material, and wood to clothing and motor cables.

Additional unique features include Hard-Iron™ impeller and cutter plate, Active Seal™

Reliable support and service

Rest assured that you can always rely on Flygt. We work closely with you, listening and sharing our profound knowledge in finding innovative solutions. We deliver on our warranties all the way. We are always close at hand to provide swift service and support whenever and wherever necessary and have a solid network of readily-accessible service centers, technical know-how, spare parts, and support. We ensure that you incur minimal downtime costs and the most cost-effective operations at all times.

About Flygt

Flygt, a brand of Xylem, is synonymous with engineering excellence, reliability and closeness to customers.

Flygt is a world-leader in the design and manufacture of dry and submersible pumps, mixers and related intelligent controls systems. Under the Flygt banner, customers have access to a complete range of products and solutions for moving water, wastewater, and advanced monitoring and control equipment to optimize their use. Product development and manufacturing of Flygt products is based in Sweden.

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