Xeramic ceramic disc diffusers

Xeramic ceramic disc diffusers


  • Advanced aeration technology with up to 10% higher standard oxygen transfer efficiency (SOTE) and energy savings of up to 30%
  • Perfect for continuous operations
  • Xeramics diffusers fit on existing holders for quick installation and lower labor costs
  • Simplified cleaning system with no need to drain tank 



A proven technology just got better with the new Xeramics fine-bubble diffuser. Its advanced design takes the proven technology of ceramic fine-bubble diffusers and makes it better, with the highest oxygen transfer efficiency compared to other ceramic diffusers – and energy cost savings of up to 30%. The higher OTE reduces the power consumption of blowers. That’s savings that pays back immediately - and year after year.

One to four year payback is what can be expected when old diffusers are replaced with new Xeramic diffusers. A system utilizing Xeramic diffusers has better or comparable SOTE values to membrane-type diffusers. Therefore, Xeramic diffusers are more economical on a 20-year life-cycle period.



Sanitaire Xeramic diffusers come with an optional, simplified cleaning system that uses a mild liquid cleaning agent. The liquid cleaning agent is easy to handle, and the feed system is simple and direct. It takes the hassle and the worry out of cleaning the diffusers. Treatment capacity can be maintained during cleaning because with the new cleaning system, diffusers can be cleaned while the system stays in operation. No need to shut down a basin for cleaning. Schedule cleaning when needed, not when a basin can be spared.

Fouled diffusers  need much more energy to operate because of increased pressure and higher air requirements. With Sanitaire’s new liquid cleaning system, Xeramics diffuser heads can be restored to like-new condition, keeping energy costs low.


About Sanitaire

Sanitaire is the world leader in diffused aeration and advanced biological treatment technologies. Beginning in 1967, Sanitaire products have been used to create innovative wastewater treatment solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications. Sanitaire equipment and technologies are the industry standard and have been installed in thousands of communities and industries throughout the world.

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